Life updates and a new segment!

Hi friends! So I know I'm just getting started on this blog and I haven't posted too much content but I really wanted to get a segment going where I talk about things I'm struggling with throughout any given period of time. It might be beauty related or work related or, well, pretty much anything! I haven't decided how often I'm planning on posting a Sunday Struggles blog but for right now I'll try to do it every week. As you can see, I struggle with a regular posting schedule...

Now for life updates. I'm currently working full time which is great for my wallet and my loan payments. On top of that, I'm going to be teaching 10-13 hours of dance on the weekends since my students are finally back in school. As far as filming goes, I usually try to film from 10AM - 2PM because that's when the natural lighting is the best... but based off my work and dance schedule, it doesn't look like I'll be having too much time to film during those hours. That being said, I will DEFINITELY be using every opportunity I can to film because I've gotten a ton of requests and I want to fulfill as many of them as I can!

I'm looking into getting some lights so that I can film at night because relying on the sun is a little bit of a pain, especially with my hours as it is. I'm also looking into getting a mic for my camera so my audio is way clearer! I have been loving blogging so far and even though there's only one video up on my channel, it's just been so much fun. I absolutely love taking my passion and sharing it with others in any way that I can. Even editing is fun to me!

So basically if you didn't read all of that... tl;dr - New segment called Sunday Struggles, blogging is fun but paying bills is also fun. Regular posting schedule coming soon.

If you didn't check it out yet, my August favorites video is on my YouTube channel! Click thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe :) 


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